South Dakota Nonprofit Network

Membership Model

Nonprofit Membership

Nonprofit Membership is available to any nonprofit based in South Dakota. Membership fees are based on annual budget.

Associate Membership

Associate Member Model (Dues based on employee count)

$125 (1 employee/consultant)
$200 (2 – 10 employees)
$300 (11 – 50 employees)
$600 (50+ employees)

Government Entity

Other Exempt Organization

Sustainer (Individual, Business, Foundation, etc.)
$1,000 or more

Sustainer Memberships are for associate members that believe in the mission of SDNN and want to provide more financial support than the minimum amount listed based on their employee count.

Associate Memberships: SDNN welcomes the support of businesses, individuals, consultants, and governmental & other exempt entities through our Associate Membership program. Associate Member Benefits and rates can be found here.

Individual Memberships

Nonprofit Individual Membership $25

Student Individual Membership $25

Legacy Individual Membership $25

Nonprofit Individual Membership 
This membership is for nonprofit employees that would like to join the network but their organization is not a member of SDNN.

Student Individual Membership
This membership is for students interested in joining SDNN as a member.

Legacy Individual Membership 
This membership is available to those who have retired from the nonprofit sector, but are still interested in being involved in the organization. Legacy members have all the rights and privileges of membership except voting and holding office. 

Founding Fundraising Campaign

Members of our Founding Fundraising Campaign make a multi-year commitment and receive the additional benefits outlined on the "Founding Member Benefits" document listed below.


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