South Dakota Nonprofit Network

SDNN Public Policy Platform

The South Dakota Nonprofit Network, Inc., whose purpose is to connect, support, and elevate nonprofits in South Dakota through collaboration, education, and advocacy, and any purpose allowed by the laws of the State of South Dakota, hereby adopts the following public policy platform. 

SDNN will monitor, research, and advocate, as appropriate, on the following issues:

  1. The value of nonprofits in government and the services they provide, as well as their value in the economy.
  2. The nonprofit legal system in South Dakota.
  3. The state taxation system as it relates to nonprofits, the services they provide and the property they own, as well as the impact of the state taxation system on donors to South Dakota nonprofits. 
  4. The processes required of nonprofits in the South Dakota legal and legislative system, including advocating for improvements when apparent.
  5. Workplace issues that impact nonprofits in South Dakota.
  6. Workforce development and recruitment issues in South Dakota’s nonprofit sector.
  7. Housing issues in South Dakota, plus appropriate solutions.
  8. The realm of state budget and appropriations issues that impact SD nonprofits and their clients.
  9. The American Rescue Plan, and federal assistance efforts, made available to South Dakota.
  10.  Possible coalitions involved in nonprofit issues.
  11.  Childcare services available, or necessary, to serve the needs of communities and families across the state.

SDNN will monitor, research, advocate, support, testify or oppose, as appropriate, items included in this platform.